‘Sailing is one of my great interests. Our skiffs are highly competitive, talented & driven – which parallels LCC’s approach to business…’ Nicholas Assef – Executive Chairman – LCC Asia Pacific



LCC Asia Pacific

About our community commitment…

LCC Asia Pacific has structured a corporate social responsibility strategy with four streams for giving back to the community. These streams are philanthropic; governance (unglobalcompact.org); academic, both in the Law & Business Faculties & in sports. The CSR strategy led by Executive Chairman Nicholas Assef, has had support for over ten years and is carried out in those communities and regions in which LCC works or seeks to work.

Within the stream of Sport, LCC views the sponsorship of 12ft skiffs as extremely and uniquely rewarding. Our aim is to encourage high performance standards in an elite and niche sport. Having a great interest in skiff sailing, LCC is eager to enlarge its sponsorship as a whole and is looking forward to future seasons with great results across the board.

Timeline of sponsorship

How it all came to be…

LCC Asia Pacific partnered with Variety, the Children’s Charity in 2012 to work toward raising awareness for Alopecia Areata, a serious medical condition where sufferers traumatically and without explanation suddenly lose their scalp and body hair, by undertaking a series of initiatives. These commenced with the inaugural Variety Port Jackson Championships that took place on March 11th, 2012 which saw a fleet of approximately fifteen 12 foot skiffs set sail on Sydney Harbour, for what was a fantastic action packed short-course event.

LCC sponsors Jonathan Temple & Richard Jones’ boat ‘LCC’ who are the 2012/13 Australian Champions, as well as Adam Forbes’ boat ‘Variety/AAAF’ that will sail in the name of Alopecia awareness across the 2013-14 season. This specific initiative is so important, and LCC is pleased to be able to share the support of Variety, the Children’s Charity, AAAF and the NSW 12ft Skiff Association to enable this. We look forward to a fantastic season of sailing for such a good cause.

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