12ft does well again on water, arriving in 2nd place

Over at Woolahra, with a big sail East-North easter, short course racing the agenda, 2 laps windward-return per race, Lincoln Crowne & Company with their first sail with the new number 1 mainsail, which they had only made on the Friday just past, were looking forward to seeing how this race went.

Lincoln Crowne & Company and Panadol Rapid were out of the start in good shape, Garde and D-Unit over early and had to restart, gave the first 2 a jump in the first work. Shifty up the work, bunched LCC, Panadol, Geotherm and Di-Polar all rounding the top mark together, then each finding different lines and shifts down the run to the bottom mark the first time.

LCC got 2 shifts in the final gybes to reach the mark first, but they mis-read the course and kept going through the gate for a further mark, allowing the following 4 boats through. By this time Garde had recovered, and were through to a small lead. Up the work, minor place changes between Panadol, Geotherm, Di-Polar and D-unit, with LCC making up lost ground.
Down the final run, Garde clear lead, with LCC gaining ground for second, D-Unit 3rd.

Second Race, tight bunched start, LCC just to weather of Garde and D-Unit, work favoured going East to Steele Point halfway up. This gave Garde, D-Unit and Di-Polar a good break, LCC lost in the middle dropped to 6th.
Garde nice gap at top mark, with a bunch of Panadol, D-Unit, Di-Polar and Geotherm down run.
Second work, LCC sorted it out a bit and came back to 3rd, behind Garde and D-Unit.
Down final run, this was the finishing order.

Called final race, single lap. Tight start, LCC just to weather of Garde and D-unit, with Panadol most windward.
Garde and LCC pulled a gap on the fleet, to be clear at the top mark, with D-Unit, geotherm and Panadol next.
Down run, Garde Gybed west and overheated, coming into the finish hot and having to drop and 2 sail, allowing LCC to close, but Garde for the win, LCC second, D-Unit also 2 sailing through the line, then Geotherm.

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