12ft does well in 2nd place!

Presented with a beautiful day, patchy South-South-East breeze, 7 starters, the usual on-shore angsting over about the rig choice; Lincoln Crowne & Company leaning toward the second rig to assess the re-cut to their new 2nd main.

The course was to be 4 runs & 4 works, twice to Chowder Bay and twice to Taylor Bay.

All away well from the start on work up to top mark in Rose Bay, Garde, Geotherm, D-Unit and Lincoln Crowne & Company all in a tight group. Garde tacked South into pressure and lifted to a good lead at the top, followed round by Geotherm, D-unit and then Lincoln Crowne.
LCC ran down Geotherm on the run, closing a little to Garde. Work out of Chowder, crossing the start of the 18 footers race, threading through them trying to keep clear air- round Shark Island for the run to Taylor Bay, Garde cleared out to an enormous lead, with Geotherm and Lincoln Crowne neck-and-neck down the run- Geotherm shut out by a Manly ferry.
Meanwhile D-unit pulled their bobstay fitting off the stem of the boat, amidst much cursing, their day was over!

Garde looked set for a runaway win, but tacked South out of Chowder for the last time. Lincoln Crowne tacked East to pressure, and lifted to head straight at the mark, shredding Garde’s lead from approximately 10 min to 1 minute.

Garde at the Shark Island rounding for the final run the Taylor Bay made the correct decision to shorten the course and finished themselves at the adjacent finish.The race having gone too long in the light breeze, thus keeping the starters on course, this was a very sensible move- giving Garde an easy win, Lincoln Crowne second, Geotherm 3rd, Mersk 4th and www.skiff.org the final finisher.

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