12FT place 3rd at Lane Cove

At Lane Cove, presented with the first decent breeze of the season, Lincoln Crowne and Dimension Polyant opted for the 2nd rig, the rest of the fleet choosing the smaller 3rd rig. Puffy, patchy North-East – South-East breeze, 12 starters.
There was a tussle to get to Parramatta River, LCC getting the better in the kite-set and leads down to the bottom mark. Bunch of 4 at the mark, Dimension Polyant capsized in the rounding as the skipper fell off the trapeze, leaving Gemmell Sails and LCC in tight company for the next 3 legs. LCC on the 3rd work had the clew of the main come off the boom in a tack resulting in an instant capsize and loss of lead place, giving Gemmell Sails and Dimension Polyant the advantage.
LCC eventually worked back up in the fleet, tussling with Skol and Vantage Real Estate before passing them back into 3rd which was the finishing order.

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