12ft sailing at Lane Cove Saturday – 18.02.12

Big-rig Easterly-
Handicap start 8 starters.

LCC off on scratch with Skol. Skol misread the signals and went a minute early. LCC hung back, Skol realised and returned, so we delayed our start to go off with Skol.
Up the river, LCC made some pressure shifts that Skol missed, so began the long pursuit of the earlier handicap starters, the first of which had a 30 minute head-start.
Down Humbug in shifty puffs, then across Cockatoo Island, around Snapper Island at Drummoyne, then the long run to the Gladesville bridge.
Tight tacking back up the Drummoyne shore against the tide- seemed like 30 tacks. Back round Snapper Island, and back to Gladesville bridge. Starting to reel in the earlier boats, with just Jack & Brett on Vantage Real Estate holding a 1 minute lead.
Back up Drummoyne, across Cockatoo Island,(very shifty breeze) to Valentia Street, then to Cove Street in Balmain as the final mark before return to the finish. Vantage ran out of pressure at the Balmain shore, allowing LCC to draw level, toward the finish now, back up through the drifter in Humbug, and re-set the spinnaker for a tight run to the finish, 2 min 10 seconds ahead of Vantage Real Estate, for the fastest elapsed time.

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