12FT secures 2nd place in Abbotsford Parramatta River Championship!

The good breeze of the day before had disappeared, with a sea-breeze fighting a system breeze from the West, giving a patchy big-sail on the difficult, twisty river course.
Almost calm dropped over the fleet 2 minutes before the start, LCC and Skol away best, working little puffs of breeze to the East, with much of the fleet down-wind in the West.
LCC got becalmed and dropped to 5th 1/2 way up the work, working back in shifts to round the top mark in a tight bunch in 2nd. Down the run, looking for puffs, again the breeze failed, and D-Unit and Garde got a clear break of 5 minutes, with LCC in a group of 4 battling for 3rd. It stayed like this for 2 more laps, on the last lap the D-Unit in the lead becalmed (eventually finishing 6th) LCC pulled into Garde to close the gap, looked like this to the finish, when a late burst down the final run by Vantage Real Estate almost took them past LCC on the finish, but LCC hoisted the kite for the last 50m and held them out to take 2nd place.

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