12ft Skiff race report: 25th February 2012. LCC fastest over the line.

At Lane Cove the Woodford Bay fleet were diminished by the absence of Dimension Polyant, and Gemmell Sails, with Murray out from an injured knee. So Lincoln Crowne and Skol rigged at the club, and opted for the 2nd rig, the breeze not quite making the jump to the 3rd rig presure.
LCC & Skol off on scratch, with a handicap start giving LCC the whole fleet to catch, on the N/Easterly course.
Even start, LCC made the best of the break out of the river, with a lead on Skol down to the bottom mark off Cockatoo Island. On the first work up to Manns Point in Greenwich, LCC started to extend on Skol, and reel in the front-runners. The boat going well in the breeze-range. Top end of the wind-range for this rig, with testing gusts and shifts on the wind, and some very exciting rides downwind.
LCC caught up and passed Vantage Real Estate on the second lap, they struggled a bit with the gusts and the strength of the breeze. LCC now through the fleet, now having to sail safely for the rest of the race to preserve the lead, to take fastest time over the line, with Vantage Real Estate second and Skol 3rd.

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