16ft takes 10th place at National Titles

On the 26th of December the LCC 16ft skiff crew embarked on the 16hr drive up to Hervey Bay in Qld for the National Titles. With their sheethand pulling out at the last moment due to work, they called on the services of an ex-national champion (Brett Davis) who flew in from Perth to help out. On the way up their forwardhand crashed his car on the Gold Coast unfortunately. They finally got the boat and crew up there safely after much trouble on the way up.
They spent the 27th December putting the boat together and making some modifications to the rigs as well as measuring the boat and sails in.

The 1st of a 7 race series was on the 28th. In a 15 knot SE breeze, they struggled at the start due to lack of time on the water together, but improved their crew work as the race went on and finished with a 14th place.

The 2nd race on the 29th December with a 15 knot SE breeze, and after a good start, they managed to move through the fleet all day and finished up 6th.

The 3rd race on the 30th there was a 22 knot SE breeze. They went out with their little rig, but unfortunately made the wrong rig choice. They were quick off the start and the first 2 legs of the course were holding onto 3rd place, until the breeze started dying. As the breeze got lighter they were passed by those boats with big rigs on, and were only able to finish 16th.

The 4th race on the 31st December was in a 15 knot SE breeze. They started the race well and were in 7th going up the last leg of the course when they got stuck on the wrong side of a wind shift and dropped 4 places within 300m from the finish and ended up 11th.

The 2nd day was again a 15 knot SE breeze. They sailed a good first race finishing 5th only to be told after the race that they were over at the start with several other boats so had an on OCS (on course starter) so got hit with maximum points.

The 6th race was sailed in a 20 knot SE breeze which increased to 25 knots after the start. They made the call to put the big rig in as they didn’t want to get caught out again with the wrong rig. They struggled a bit at times as they were over powered but managed to sail well and get a 4th.

The last race was a 20 knot SE breeze and they put the big rig in. Again it proved to be the right call with a hard fought race they got another 4th place.

At the end of the regatta they finished up in 10th place over all, and 11th on handicap.

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