2015 Interdominion 12’ Skiff regatta – Heat 1

Double Bay, Day 1, Invitation race.

Forecast 3rd rig North-easter, building slowly through the mornings anticipation in the park: with a run-in tide by race time slowing the apparent wind on the breeze, the whole fleet opting for full 3rd-rig against the peak of the forecast.

First point-scoring race of the Interdominions.

Delayed start off Clark Island, committee boat trying to find a place for the line allowing for the lee of the giant tinny parked in the harbour.

Away off to Bradleys head in about 18 knots breeze, front-runners of Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant, C-tech, Little Bus in a bunch at the boat-end, Lincoln Crown just to weather, Geotherm uncharacteristically slightly buried, with Maersk Lines getting the gun-start at the boat.

All tacking off Bradleys Head, trying to find a clear line out on port-tack, then working the western shore up Taylor Bay then Chowder Bay, with lead 3 already showing a bit of a gap, Maersk Lines powering in 4th, then Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses then Lincoln Crowne.

Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant lead around Beashel Bouy, followed by Geotherm, running down for the path between Shark island and Steele Point.

Maersk Lines in 4th lost their backstays out of the top spreader had to retire from a great race for them.

2nd work to Beashel same scenario as the first, looking for the best pressure along the western shore, Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant still leading Geotherm, then Little Bus ahead of C-tech, trying to avoid the hole in the breeze in the middle of the harbour.

Square-run from Beashel down to the bottom at Clark Island, avoiding the big-tinny by holding port gybe to the east to minimise the wind-shadow, round the Clark Island mark for the final work to the Nielsen park mark, then the run to the finish at Clark Island.

On the last work Geotherm surrendered 2nd place, passed by both Little Bus and C-tech, Ghetto-Sled in 5th, Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses 6th and Lincoln Crown, recovering well from trapeze-wire malfunction that resulted in loosing the crew overboard at the Nielsen Park mark in 7th.

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