2015 Interdominion 12’ Skiff regatta – Heat 4 + 5

Double Bay, Day 4

Forecast big-rig Easterly, swinging slowly out of the south through the morning, with a run-out tide; the whole fleet opted for full big-rig.

Heat 4

Start line north west of Clark Island, for a work to Rose Bay past Point Piper, then a run to Cremorne, back to Rose Bay and finish at Clark Island.

Away, short-tacking between Clark Island, Shark Island and Point Piper, in about 10 knots of breeze, everyone looking for lifted pressure, the whole fleet tight out of the start, all together and no break-aways as yet.

Around Rose-Bay mark, then the bulk of the fleet making a rushed gybe onto starboard for a slant of breeze out of the north, to tow them to Shark Island. Several gybes in light breeze down to the wing mark of Clarke Island, before the long run to Robertsons Point.

Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant were establishing a lead down the run, clear-ahead by the gybe mark, followed by Little Bus, Geotherm, then C-Tech white.

From Robertsons Point, the choice to head out into the fairway and the run-out tide, or to tack into pressure in the north toward Bradleys Head: a couple of Manly ferries came into the equation as well, making the long cross of the fairway to Clark Island the option.

The breeze then firmed in from the north around Shark Island, so crossing the water again to get the North shift and pressure. Lincoln Crowne started to make back the 200m lost in a poor top-mark decision, passing Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses, Ghetto Sled, and others to move into 7th at the top mark for the run to the finish.

Breeze again in the North from Shark Island, Lincoln Crowne exploited this to run down 5th and 6th placed Hempel Yacht Paints and The Ugly Stick to take 5th on the finish line.

Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant first, Little Bus second, Geotherm 3rd and C-Tech white 4th.

Heat 5

Carbon copy of the first race of the day.

Short-tacking between Clark Island, Shark Island and Point Piper, still 10 knots of breeze, still everyone looking for lifted pressure, the whole fleet tight out of the start, all except Little Bus, who just went out of the start and looked to have the race won on the first work.

Around Rose-Bay mark, Little Bus disappearing in the distance, breeze more obviously out of the north this time, everyone in a bunch down the Shark Island shore then gybing to the wing-mark off Clark Island, then the long tow to Robertson point.

Geotherm, Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant, Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses Hempel Yacht Paints and Lincoln Crowne making up the front bunch.

From Cremorne the long beat back to Rose Bay, into the pressure at Bradleys Head, then 1/2 across to Point Piper, then tacking into the north pressure off Shark Island. Still bunched as a fleet, Lincoln Crowne crossing Geotherm and Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant off Point Piper: here the breeze gets sketchy, easy to be on low angles relative to others.

Last tack into the lay-line for the top-mark rounding, skipper of Lincoln Crowne dropped the mainsheet after hooking onto trapeze, capsizing the boat to windward.

This dropped Lincoln Crowne 4 places, allowing the front bunch away. Lincoln Crowne got 2 of the boats back on the run, to finish 9th, with Little Bus first, Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant second, Geotherm 3rd and C-Tech white 4th.

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