2015 Interdominion 12’ Skiff regatta – Heat 8 + 9

Double Bay, Day 6

Forecast 2nd or 3rd-rig Easterly, slow to build through the morning, making a choice for the larger second-rig hard to avoid, all the while knowing that there will be lots of breeze for the second race.

Heat 8

Start line east of Clark Island, for a work to Nielsen Park, then around Shark Island to Clark Island, back to Nielsen Park then run to the finish at Clark Island.

Away, fleet tacking east halfway to Bradleys Head, then back into the west at Bradleys, fully powered second-rigs, not yet fresh enough to bring the few 3rd rigs into their own.

Ct-Tech white lost their mast off Bradleys Head, while tussling with Geotherm and Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant.

Spinnaker set at Nielsen Park mark, Little Bus and Geotherm and Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant away with spinnakers around Shark Island before a strong gust from the east towed the following 5 boats west along Shark Island, Lincoln Crown, Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses and others in this bunch having to drop the spinnakers to 2 sail reach around the Island. Lincoln Crown gybe-set at the island to get inside this bunch for 4th place, a crowd of skiffs trying to get over Point Piper in the puffy breeze.

The second work to Nielsen Park all went further east, trying to get the eastern pressure and avoid the chop from the run-out tide against wind. As Good As It Gets slightly to the west in this bunch pulled ahead of Lincoln Crown into 4th. Run to the finish saw these places remain, with Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant taking the win, ahead of Little Bus, then Geotherm, with Lincoln Crown and As Good As It Gets tussling right to the finish, with Lincoln Crown settling for 5th.

Heat 9

Breeze softened between races, leading everyone to think the breeze was fading. The start was delayed to relocate the line.

During the delay the breeze really cranked in, to become very fresh, and way out of range for the second rigs.

The start got the fleet away in survival conditions: C-Tech White had gone in from the dismasting in Heat 8 and with the small 3rd rig were powering.

Around the Nielsen Park mark, carnage all around. Lincoln Crown and Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses into 2nd and 3rd as the front-runners all capsized at the top of the run. Then a large motor-cruiser barged into Lincoln Crown’s runway, requiring a crash gybe, resulting a capsize.

Very fresh, skiffs in the water everywhere. Lincoln Crown again swam, along with the 5 boats alongside in pressure at the end of the 2 sail reach to the bottom mark. This powered capsize caused the forestay to come out of the mast-strut and the mainsail to come out of the mast-track, seriously compromising the boat, and requiring a limp around the rest of the race.

C-Tech White swam on the last run to the finish, to almost be passed by Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant on the finish line, with Geotherm 3rd.

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