3rd Fastest time for Lincoln Crowne & Company

Forecast big/2nd rig, blowing big-rig Easterly.with hint of N/easter Wedding cake indicated enough pressure to tip everyone into 2nd rigs, NE course indicated. Scratch start, Sydney Sailmakers /Dimension Polyant and Lincoln Crowne and Company the only boats on time for the start.

Soft out of the start, looking for pressure in beat into Bradleys Head. Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant broke the mainsheet bridle in the tack off Bradleys and capsized to repair it. Lincoln Crowne &Company waited while this was re-tied: lined up again in Tailor Bay – and the breeze kicked!

Fresh 2nd sail, 19 knots and bumps from the run-out tide, both neck and neck up to the mark. Sight of Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses and Skol in the rear-distance starting, followed belatedly by TBA and Citadel.   Lincoln Crowne & Company just ahead of Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant in the rounding mark at Beashel Buoy kites in the pressure down through the bumps and the trafffic.

Both gybed together off Steel Point trying to thread through traffic for the port layline to Shark Island: Sydney Sailmakers /Dimension Polyant got put out of sorts by the traffic and swam, giving Lincoln Crowne & Company a few hundred metres margin at the Clark Island bottom mark.

Fresh again on the second work to Beashel, with shifts as the breeze hunted around from east to north, softer up into Watsons Bay, Lincoln Crowne & Company  holding a slightly diminished margin to Sydney Sailmakers /Dimension Polyant  again at the top mark, for the square-run to Clarke Island.

In amongst the 18s now, both Lincoln Crowne & Company and Sydney Sailmakers /Dimension Polyant being hit, both receiving glancing blows by Asko and Appliances on Line respectively. Soft at the bottom mark, breeze parked 100m above the mark for the last work.

Into the breeze, Sydney Sailmakers /Dimension Polyant  coming back into Lincoln Crowne & Company  as the latter wandered, missing some of the pressure lines. Final run to the finish, breeze went hard east, then faded, becalming the 2 leaders, leaving Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses to come charging down around the lull, looking to steal into the race, but Lincoln Crowne & Company and Sydney Sailmakers /Dimension Polyant got new pressure out of the east to hold them out for 3rd, with Skol 4th, TBA and Citadel DNF

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