50m win by Lincoln Crowne

Sydney Flying Squadron

It was an awful forecast, dying 3rd-sail westerly, harbour glassing off, and all spirits sinking. Then, against the forecast, a south-easterly sprang up, with Garde and Lincoln Crowne & Company putting in 2nd rig in anticipation of the South-east course, and Citadel opting for the 3rd rig in the face of the evident white-caps on the harbour.

Off the start at the Zoo, work toward the top mark, the pill under Point Piper, with Lincoln Crowne & Company 1/2 a boat-length ahead of Garde at the top mark. Kites to Taylor Bay, with Lincoln Crowne & Company towed deep and not clearing the reef at Bradleys Head. Garde staying higher and getting around, with a 150 m lead. This evaporated as they were left short of pressure to come down to the mark and had to gybe twice, giving them a 1 boat-length lead at the Taylor Bay mark.

Up to Shark Island, very shifty breeze in channels down the course: 1 boat could gain 50 ms on the other just by the breeze they were in. Lincoln Crowne & Company lead Garde around the Shark Island YA mark, but made the mistake of not gybing east of the island to run toward Chowder Bay mark: this gave Garde a clear run and lead, looked to be day over, with Garde straight to the Ya in Chowder, Lincoln Crowne & Company having to drop and reach high over the reef at Taylor, 150 ms behind.

Here the shifty breeze worked against Garde: Lincoln Crowne & Company went East toward Steele Point, and came back to 20ms to Garde, to round the Shark Island YA like this, for the run to Taylor Bay, with the same margin at the Taylor rounding mark. Lincoln Crowne & Company got a knot in the halyard, and lost 100m in the drop. Lincoln Crowne & Company then sailed south, looking for a shift in pressure out of Rose Bay. This split the 2 boats, with Garde going to the North of Shark Island, and Lincoln Crowne & Company between Shark Island and Point Piper: Garde eventually leading around the Shark Island mark by 2 boat-lengths on the run to the finish.

Lincoln Crowne & Company came around the mark and got a gust that towed them deeper and brought them level with Garde, allowing them to gybe into Athol in the South-east slant ahead of Garde.  In to the South for the run to the finish, 50 m ahead of Garde, with Citadel some way back in 3rd.


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