A great weekend for the 12ft skiff – Saturday 19/11/11 & Sunday 20/11/11

Saturday, at Lane Cove, the Woodford Bay fleet (Lincoln Crowne and Dimension Polyant) opted for the 2nd rig, the fleet rigging at the club a mix of second and the smaller 3rd rig. Puffy, patchy North-East breeze, 1st heat of the club championship, 12 starters.Tussle off the start line between Lincoln Crowne & Company, Dimension Polyant and Gemmell Sails. Tussle through Humbug to get to Parramatta River, LCC getting the better in the kite-set and leads down to the bottom mark. Bunch of 4 at the mark, Dimension
Polyant, Lincoln Crowne and Gemmell Sails all swapping lead on work to Manns Downwind again, Gemmell Sails gybes South and passes both LCC and DP, only to prawn their kite at the bottom mark, with all 3 rounding within seconds. Back on the wind to Manns Point, DP and LCC crossing tacks and swapping the lead, allowing Gemmell Sails to stay in touch. DP sets spinnaker 10 seconds ahead of LCC, Gemmell having fallen back. Then LCC capsized in gybe near the bottom mark, allowing DP to clear and Gemmell to draw even.
This was the order for the rest of the day, DP 1st, Gemmell Sails second, Lincoln Crowne
& Company 3rd, with over 5 minutes before the 4th place.

Sunday 20th – Short course racing at Woollahra
The good breeze of the day before had disappeared, with a sea-breeze fighting a forecast Southerly and a fog, giving very patchy big-sail. 1st race, 2 laps; almost calm dropped over the fleet before the start, LCC and D-Unit away best, Skol just behind and Garde parked up. On the breeze, working little puffs of breeze to the East, South-East and North–East with much of the fleet down-wind in the West.
LCC lost wind-pressure and rounded the top mark 3rd, gybing to the South in breeze, back into the race. Others brought pressure down the centre with LCC, Garde and D-Unit rounding the bottom together. On the last work, shifts to the South on Rose Bay, with the light guys on D-Unit and Garde having the better time, getting a 20m lead at the top mark that they carried to the finish – Garde, D-Unit then LCC.
2nd race, better pressure in the South, LCC best out of the blocks, feeding dirty air to Garde, got LCC into better pressure on the work, giving them a small lead on Garde and D-Unit at the top mark. Down the run in a shift to the South, the trailing boats going down the centre in new breeze, restarting the race at the bottom mark. LCC did 2 short gybes to the mark, leaving the other 2 in light air, and gaining a good lead around the bottom mark. Working back in shifts to the top mark, D-Unit behind got a huge right-hand shift lifting them over LCC and Garde more to the centre of the course. At the top mark for the final time, D-Unit rounds 1st, 20m ahead of LCC 20m ahead of Garde. LCC sets spinnaker and immediately gybes to pressure in the South. D-Unit follows, but lost 20m doing so late, with Garde making a wrong move looking for Easterly pressure. LCC and D-Unit tight to the finish, LCC ahead by 20sec, Garde a further 11/2 min back with the rest of the fleet well behind.

Next weekend the first 3 heats of the 6 race Lincoln Crowne and Company State Titles, at Lane Cove and Abbotsford.

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