A tricky day on the water sees Skol and Vantage secure a win

At Lane Cove, with a Handicap start and a North easterly, everyone using their 2nd rig – all massively early to the start after the previous week.  Lincoln Crowne & Company, the scratch boat, giving everyone a head-start.  Off on scratch, chasing Gemmell Sails who had a 1 minute lead.

An unbelievably puffy & fluky breeze and 60 degree wind-shifts, with velocity changes from 10 knots to 20, made for a very tricky day on the water.

LCCs first reversal came at the spinnaker set at Humbug heading to the Parramatta River, the kiker on the spinnaker pole had not been secured in its fitting, so Richard had to swim out along the pole to secure this, allowing the gap between the fleet to grow.

The day on the water belonged to Skol & Vantage Real Estate with guest skipper James Francis, who took out fastest time in the tricky conditions.  LCC managed to claw back time on Gemmell Sails but was not able to overtake them, neither Gemmell or LCC making any inroads on the two noted boats.

A very tough day!


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