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Sydney Flying Squadron Port Jackson Championship

SFS, Inter-club Championship, scratch start, run-in tide, North-easterly course, Forecast 2nd to 3rd rig, all opted for 3rd rig. Scratch start off Clark Island, for North-east course 3 times up and down the harbour. Skiffs off in a bunch,  Lincoln Crowne and Company somewhat buried, forced to tack east giving an early jump to Geotherm […]

Lane Cove Race, Saturday 27.02.16

Lane Cove, Club Championship, scratch start, run-out tide, Easterly course, Forecast big to 2nd rig, Woodford Bay skiffs opting for big-rig. Scratch start, Lincoln Crowne and Company away in front of everyone, then tacked into the south and passed by all. Into Humbug, LCC set a kite and went high for apparent, gybed behind all […]

Sunday 07 Feb, Sydney Flying Squadron

Sunday 07 Feb, Sydney Flying Squadron, in alliance with Cherub Association State Title Heat. Southerly system well and truly past, leaving a soft South-Easterly breeze for the day. 4 laps windward-leeward following the cherubs. Heavily biased line, everyone wanted the pin, all early and crowded, all bailed out below the line and gybed onto port […]

Jack Dempsey Memorial Sprint regatta, Abbottsford

2 short races scheduled at Abbotsford, end of a south-easterly system, 2nd rig the option chosen by the fleet. Start of race 1, end of run-out tide skewed the line, bunched starboard start at boat with tack to port to clear the line and head for pressure. Lead 4 boats out of the start, Sydney […]

State Tiles 2015

State Tiles 2015, Lane Cove 12’ Skiff Club,  Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December 2015 Saturday: Forecast borderline 2nd and 3rd rig, breeze intermittent so doubts in the fleet, a majority rigging for a 2nd rig North-easter, run-in tide in the race influencing the decision, slowing boats on the work. Out at the start, breeze […]

State Tiles 2015, Sydney Flying Squadron

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th November 2015 Saturday Forecast borderline 2nd and 3rd rig, breeze in so no doubts in the fleet, all (except Madonna, left it at home) rigging for a 3rd rig North-easter, big full-moon run-out tide in the race so anticipating being bumpy. Start off Point Piper, fleet away cleanly, Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension […]

Sydney Flying Squadron, Sprint Heats

North Easter, following a southerly, forecast to North-east, cborderline 2nd rig, light, 3 boats Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant, Geotherm and Lincoln Crowne opt for up-range big-rig. Intention to have 2 of 2 lap windward return courses between the Taylor Bay and Eastern Channel YA mark, threading in between the 4th heat of the 18’ skiff State titles and their spectators. […]

Lincoln Crowne wins Mixed fleet sprint series

Sydney Flying Squadron, Cherub Fleet Invitation Sprint Series, 08.11.15 SFS and the Association hosting invitation to the Cherub fleet for a mixed fleet sprint series South Easter, end of a southerly series, forecast to ease, choice (for the 12s) between 2nd and 3rd rig, most opting late for the 2nd rig. Intention to have 2 […]

Upper Harbour Championship, Lane Cove 17.10.2015

Lincoln Crowne (Jonathan Temple/Richard Jones) may have got the early jump at the start, but the Sydney Sailmakers crew of Nick Press and Andrew ‘Noddy’ Hay dominated from there to win in the 12ft Skiff Upper Harbour Championship, hosted by the Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club today. Press and his new crew Hay, who […]