Dimension Polyant wins from Gemmell Sails

Saturday at Lane Cove saw a soft big-rig Easterly. The fleet spread along the start line, Gemmell Sails and Lincoln Crowne & Company furthest East picked a little slant of breeze and gained out of the start with the northern boats left initially.

Lincoln Crowne & Company tacked east looking for more breeze and then dropped off which left Gemmell Sails to steal a good break. Dimension Polyant recovering from the soft northern position to move  into second place. Into Humbug, Gemmell Sails got a good puff and pulled a gap of several hundred metres on Dimension Polyant, with Skol and Lincoln Crowne & Company together for 3rd.

Dimension Polyant and Gemmell Sails were leading the fleet to Manns Point and then down the run to Drummoyne.  Here their lead served them well, when a mishap in a gybe saw them capsize, but using their lead to keep a small margin over Dimension Polyant.

The order around Drummoyne mark was Lincoln Crowne & Company just ahead of Skol, then Hey Charger ahead of Vantage Real Estate and Slippery When Wet.  Dimension Polyant charged up the work, overtaking Gemmell Sails, and Lincoln Crowne & Company pulling a small gap on Skol for 3rd. Back down from Manns Point to Valentia Street, Dimension Polyant was further ahead, with the next places unchanged, and it stayed like this for the rest of the race. Dimension Polyant winning from Gemmell Sails, then  Lincoln Crowne & Company then Skol.

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