Double win for 12ft Skiff on the weekend!

The good breeze of the day before, promised by the forecast to build had diminished, with an overcast sky delivering a weak and patchy sea-breeze under a grey sky, seeing the diminished Woollahra fleet having to revert (yet again) to the big-rig.

On the water, the harbour mad today with spectator craft and ferries for the final heat of the JJ Giltnan regatta for the 18’ skiffs.
Start off Point Piper, for a work up to the YA mark at Wedding Cake (decided to not use the usual Beashel Bouy in competition with the 18s), dodging hyped up 18 footers and their attendant spectators. On the spinnaker-run to Point Piper, gybing around Shark Island as the wing mark, LCC cleared a 80m lead on Di-Polar, who were having their first sail with their new big-rig., having opted to carry second rig, following just behind. At the 2nd top mark rounding Di-Polar skated away in the spinnaker set and capsized. On this second work, LCC got jammed in between a pair of 18 footer spectator ferries, costing time and allowing Di-Polar to narrow the gap; then on the square run back to Point Piper LCC were able to extend this small lead again.
Final lap, the run down behind Shark Island to the finish for the last time saw LCC pass and take the win, with Di-Polar 3rd.

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