Easy win for LCC

At Lane Cove, the whole fleet was diminished, with Dimension Polyant, and Gemmell Sails absent, and Skol forbidden to sail due to illness.
Those that were sailing had the rigging ramp jitters, disbelieving the breeze on the water, inclining toward believing the stronger forecast. Good sense prevailed, and LCC, Vantage Real Estate, PennyLiss and Snotbloo all going big-rig.

LCC went off with Vantage Real Estate on 3 minutes, in the absence of any scratch starters, chasing the others. LCC got some good shifts in a very twitchy breeze, having a tidy gap on Vantage by the Parramatta River. Here the pursuit got easier by one boat, Pennyliss returning to the river having discovered they had rigged the wrong spinnaker in the boat. Down to Spectacle Island, trying to get a grasp of the 20 + degree wind-shifts. Like this for the rest of the day, the big shifts capsizing everyone in the fleet, allowing LCC to pick through the places that she needed to catch, allowing an easy win over Vantage Real Estate and then Snotbloo.

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