Fantastic result for LCC in the 12ft class!

Presented with a beautiful day, patchy South-South-East breeze, 7 starters, the fleet all realised it was going to be rigging contrary to the forecast, and selecting #1 rig (forecast for 2nd rig N/Easter)

Short-course racing to be the days format, determined as 3 windward & 3 runs, in the S/Easter in Rose Bay.

Due to the light breeze, a number of the skiffs were late for the start, with Lincoln Crowne & Company, D-Unit, Di-Polar and off the line well, and on time, working small pressure lifts to the mark.
LCC rounded 1st, down the run with a good lead, with D-Unit bringing the new breeze down with them, closing to 3 boat-lengths just short of the bottom mark. LCC got around the mark cleaner, opening the lead back up a little. D-Unit more powered on the work, closing the gap again, LCC held to round the top mark second time with small lead. Again the gap closed down run, to 3 boat-lengths at bottom mark. LCC caught on traffic on work, allowing D-Unit to pass, and lead around the last mark, with these positions to the finish, with a fast-finishing Garde coming in 3rd.

With the breeze trying to go N/East, the race committee put a hold on second race. The 12‘s organised to get themselves away with a gate start and adjusted course, up the harbour to the gas-buoy off Nielsen Park and back to Point Piper.

Gate start, LCC the gate, all away tight, working pressure shifts along the eastern Steele Point shore, all in a tight bunch. At Nielsen Park mark it was D-unit, Garde and LCC in this order, all round 10 seconds between them. D-unit gybed inshore to east, Garde down the channel and LCC between them. D-unit gybed out to LCC line, LCC able to roll-over them and take the breeze, Garde out wide sailed too much extra distance, to give the finishing order LCC 1st, D-Unit then Garde.

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