Heat 1 of the 12ft Skiff State Titles

At Woollahra, with a forecast of 12-14 knot, all of the fleet chose to go with the big rig, except with 35 minutes from the start a gust came through and there was a mad scramble for a rig change.

The start saw the fleet line up with marginal 2nd rig pressure, away up the starboard beat to the west shore saw a few big-rig boats looking good, led by Fungus and Clewie on Kiroshi. In the final approach to the Beashel buoy the top order led by Gemmell Sails was interrupted by Arrogant Frog, with Geotherm finding the Easterly and pushing into the order along with Hey Charger.

Murray and Ben bolted down the run, clearing out to a tidy lead, leaving the pack. At the bottom mark, Gemmell Sails again with a good gap were followed by Garde then LCC. After the rounding, Gemmell broke their trapezr strop, dumping them into the water, causing Murray to break the tiller-extension in the process.

This handed the lead to Garde, Kiroshi coming into 2nd as LCC snarled their halyard in the drop. Hey Charger and Kiroshi came into 2nd up the work as they fell off the twig, with the fleet starting to spread out. On the square run, Garde had a 200m gap, using the margin to gybe several times to cover PB Towing and LCC.

At the bottom mark for the last time, Garde led by 30 seconds, LCC 5 seconds ahead of PB Towing, with Geotherm a further margin back – just ahead of D-Unit then Gemmell Sails (struggling).

This was the order of the finish for the first heat, with 2 heats tomorrow and a forecast breeze of over 20 knots.

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