Jonathan & Richard do LCC proud across an action filled NSW State Championships!

Saturday & Sunday, 3 & 4 December 2011 – Woollahra

The conclusion of the Lincoln Crowne & Company 2011 12′ Skiff State Titles- 3 heats on the Harbour.

The 12ft fleet were very grateful for the support from Lincoln Crowne & Company for this seasons State title regatta, with some great racing over the 2 weekends.

On Saturday, the forecast was marginal big-sail / 2nd sail choice; in the end, only 3 skiffs went with the big rig, LCC, Dimension Polyant, and Vantage Realty, the rest of the fleet opting for the smaller 2nd rig.

The start was delayed 1/2 hour, eventually getting away at 3.30. The delay allowed the breeze to build, making the big-rig decision incorrect. LCC and DP away well, up the harbour to Beashel buoy, great pace and tussling with Gemmell Sails, D-Unit, Garde and the visiting Queensland boat PB Haulage all the way. DP around Beashel 1st, LCC and PB Haulage around together, closely followed by Garde, Gemmell Sails and Skol. LCC lost pressure between Steele Point and Shark Island, letting Garde, Gemmell and Skol inside them. This whole pack converged as a bunch at the bottom mark. For the 2nd work to Beashel buoy it was definitely 2nd sail breeze, giving the smaller rigged boats a real advantage. Up at Beashel, LCC trailed DP and the 3 2nd rig boats by 100m, closing the gap on them with the long run to Clarke Is.
Final work to the Nielsen Park gas buoy, LCC trying to hang on, rounding 80m behind Skol, closing to just miss taking them on the finish line. DP 1st, 4 seconds later Garde, Gemmell Sails, Skol then LCC.

Sunday, a fresh breeze from the South-East, rain and cold.

All deciding between the 3rd and the smallest 4th rigs, late calls from DP and LCC to change down to the 4th rigs. On the way to the start LCC’s mast broke, putting them out of the race. The pressure was on to gather the pieces, get a tow back and rig in time for heat 2.

With the small gear broken, LCC had to rig up and put the bigger 3rd rig on.

Heat 5 results, Garde by a margin, then Skol, then Gemmell Sails, DP broke their headsail tack-fitting, effecting repairs and finishing 5th.

For the 6th and final heat, the wind really freshened in for the afternoon, LCC decidedly over-canvassed for the conditions. Work to the top-mark, fleet split to different sides, at the mark DP 1st, LCC 2nd, Skol then Gemmel Sails. Long run to Chowder Bay, fast run for LCC with bigger spinnaker, at the bottom of the run the mainsheet tied around the outrigger, resulting in a capsize to clear it. This put LCC back to 5th place, but good boat-speed on the next work saw them pass Gemmell Sails & Garde to round in 3rd. Down the run neck and neck with Garde, pushed into a disadvantageous gybe by Garde at the bottom mark, causing a swim. Final work, almost caught Gemmell Sails on the work, to finish 5th.

With the last placing from the first race OCS (loosing a heat win) and the DNS from the broken mast, the overall LCC could only finish 6th.

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