Lane Cove 12’ skiff Race report Saturday 10.11.12

South-easterly breeze, borderline 2nd & 3rd rig, Club-championship saw the fleet pondering the rig-choice. Lincoln Crowne & Co. again opted for the conservative option of the third rig, along with Skol, while the fleet rigging at the club split between 2nd & 3rd rig.
Hey Charger with 2nd rig streaked along the shore out of the start to gain an instant 80m lead. LCC further off the shore the first skiff to go for the spinnaker in pursuit, closing onto Hey Charger at the Woodford Bay mark, where both these boats clawed too high under the Woolwich shore and the lee of Humbug, allowing Madonna & Vantage Real Estate to go around the outside, bunching these 4 skiffs at Humbug.
All 4 skiffs required to execute 4 very short tacks to stay in the narrow slants of breeze here, with Madonna capsizing in the melee, and the 2nd rigs telling against the others in the tight maneuvers, allowing LCC to get to the Parramatta River & turn toward Goat Island with a comfortable lead. The breeze did not prove to be as strong as anticipated, leaving the 3rd rigged boats somewhat under-powered, but the severe changes in direction & velocity of the breeze made the handling of the second rigs more difficult.
As a result, LCC extended on the fleet on the 3 runs to Kerosene Bay, on the final run finally getting a decent gust that saw a sustained speed of 21 knots on the GPS for a deal of the run.
LCC back to Valentia Street, with Hey Charger through Skol for second, into the finish in this order, LCC 9 minutes ahead of Hey Charger, with Skol a further 30 seconds behind.

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