Lane Cove Club Championships

Saturday, Lane Cove, Club Championship. Big rig very sick East/ North- Easterly breeze. There was a strong run-out tide, line bias and no breeze made for a fraught start: “Lincoln Crowne”, over eager at the club-end got the worst of it and stalled under the line in no breeze. “Hey Charger” and “Skol” got away best with a tidy head-start up the river. “Skol” was trailing behind all of the fleet short-tacking and looking for pressure-puffs in the fickle breeze.

Skol” got the better of the shifts to lead “Hey Charger” into Humbug, both with a healthy gap to the 3rd place. “Lincoln Crowne”, “Skol” and “Hey Charger” leaving the rest of the fleet becalmed in Humbug. Down to Spectacle is mark; “Skol” with a race winning lead, “Lincoln Crowne” was chasing and “Hey Charger” on the work to Manns Point. “Lincoln Crowne” passed “Hey Charger” to the South. “Gizmo” with guest crew Cherub star Ali Chapman picked a cracker of a north shift and passed both this pair to move into second from full-back.

Coming to Manns Point, “Lincoln Crowne” went to the north to try and get with “Gizmo”. “Hey Charger” fell into a hole in the South and sank, with the back-flap leaking and requiring retirement and a tow home.

“Lincoln Crowne” followed “Gizmo” and in the distant “Skol” excruciatingly down to Spectacle Island again, closing with “Gizmo” off Clarkes Point on the work to Valentia Street. Here the committee was signaling S flag to shorten course & finish at club. “Gizmo” with their own private breeze ghosted past the whole becalmed fleet of cherubs, lasers and 12 to move back into 2nd place for the last run down the river.

Both “Gizmo” and “Lincoln Crowne” found breeze in the river, with “Lincoln Crowne” rolling down onto “Gizmo”, and passing them in 2 final gybes on the finish line to take 2nd behind “Skol”, “Gizmo”  was 2 seconds behind “Lincoln Crowne”.

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