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Lane Cove Race, Saturday 27.02.16

Lane Cove, Club Championship, scratch start, run-out tide, Easterly course, Forecast big to 2nd rig, Woodford Bay skiffs opting for big-rig.

Scratch start, Lincoln Crowne and Company away in front of everyone, then tacked into the south and passed by all. Into Humbug, LCC set a kite and went high for apparent, gybed behind all the fleet parked up in the light, carried the breeze out of the river into the true easterly leaving all parked up in Humbug. LCC 2 minutes ahead at the top mark at Manns Point, and lead around like this all race, Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses chasing but not really coming into it.

Work into the river again, LCC parked in Humbug, Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses brought new breeze with them to half a boat-length behind LCC 1/2 way up Humbug.

LCC broke away again in the river on the run to the finish, only to get nailed by a gust 20m from the finish-line.

Flogging the kite to survive the gust allowed Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses to roll over the top for first.


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