Lane Cove & Woollahra Race report Saturday 20 & 21.10.12

Saturday at Lane Cove, with a south-easterly breeze, borderline 2nd & 3rd rig, saw the fleet pondering the rigs, but Lincoln Crowne & Co. opted for the conservative option of the third rig, along with Skol, while the club-fleet almost all went 2nd rig.
Handicap start, LCC off on scratch, so all had gone other than Skol, who had damage on the way to the start & had to go into the club for hasty repairs. LCC chasing out to the Parramatta River, looked very windy in the river, making the choice look good, and quickly passed a massively overpowered Vantage Real Estate at Valencia Street. Up towards Goat Island for the first time, it was clear on this part of the harbour it was not so windy, and LCC were under-powered. Still managing to keep moving up through the fleet, as the puffy conditions saw the boats with the larger sails stagger in the puffs. After the 3 runs to Kerosene Bay there were only a couple of boats in-front of LCC, and the run back to Valentia Street saw Hood capsize, leaving only one boat in front. Very fast run back into the Lane Cove River, LCC took fastest time (by 16 minutes) & the handicap, from Hood, then Vantage Real Estate.

Sunday at Woollahra. Very light, skiffs not sure to go on the water at all. Finally seemed to settle into a gentle East/north east, so all rigged up big-sail and headed for the start. A lot of breeze on way to the start had everyone thinking that it might be a good afternoon. At the start, it was clear an Easterly was fighting a westerly.
Away in very light northerly, which took LCC to the top mark. Around 1st just ahead of & Variety, LCC went down the east, went west & found breeze, to approach the bottom mark in the lead, LCC ghosting around behind by a minute, & Variety a further minute behind.
LCC got westerly breeze to pull up level with, when some strong & erratic puffs of breeze from the south hit. capsized in the puff, LCC nearly doing the same, Geotherm went down, Variety missed it altogether.
LCC went charging for the top mark in strong breeze, rounded & headed for the finish in strong S-Westerly, to be the only finisher of the 12’s.

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