LCC 12ft Race Report: 17th & 18th March 2012

Saturday 17.03.12
Lane Cove, called 2nd sail against the forecast, south east breeze, very puffy. Becalmed at the start, spinnakers down the river to get out, LCC pulled ahead of Gemmell Sails and Skol, all off on scratch, chasing the handicap starters.LCC just ahead of Gemmell Sails at the first mark in the Parramatta River, then the tricky work to Goat Island, with the breeze swinging 20 degrees and varying from 10 to 20 knots. LCC at Goat mark, for the run to Kerosene Bay. Gemmell Sails just behind, some fast runs in the flat water. back to Goat Island, again to Kerosene Bay, again good pressure, Gemmell Sails capsized in a full-pressure gybe, taking some of the heat off LCC. 3rd time to Kerosene, again good pressure on the run, last work to Goat Island ahead of the long run back to Cockatoo Island.
Absolute hell gust at Goat Island with the spinnaker, headed back to Kerosene, not Cockatoo Is!
Then the run into the river, one last handicap boat to try and catch, 10 metres behind them 150m from the finish, and gaining – then a wind-shift that put LCC into a moored boat, letting Hey Charger take the win. LCC fastest time and Gemmell Sails 3rd.

Sunday 18th Woollahra.
Forecast 3rd rig, seemed very fresh when rigging, depleted fleet. Boats all went 3rd sail, LCC not using the new bigger “turbo” 3rd main, feeling it was a bit windy.
S-East breeze, 3 times to Chowder Bay from Rose Bay. Up the first work, D-Unit setting the pace, LCC and Skol just behind, setting spinnakers at the top mark in this order. D-Unit gybed for Chowder Bay too soon, allowing LCC & Skol to pull deeper inside them, on a very powered up and bumpy spinnaker ride. LCC able to pull higher and gybe drop around mark, Skol had to pull off the spinnaker- dropping them back, with D-Unit capsizing at the bottom mark.
Up the work in this order, down the second Run LCC capsized in a pressured gybe, but with enough gap on Skol to hold the lead. Last spinnaker run, LCC went to a further top mark, allowing D-unit to come back to within a minute behind, (Skol retired with skipper fatigue), finishing a great race with great rides in this order.

1 more race day left at Woollahra for the season, then the Nationals at Easter to finish a fun season.

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