LCC takes 1st in breeze that caught all unawares!

First time in the boat for five and a 1/2 months, everyone rusty & out of shape, and a breeze that wasn’t meant to be, caught the whole fleet unawares. Forecast for awful 6 knot big-sail, actually 15-18 knot second-sail S/Easter.

Scratch start for all at the club, everyone off the line well, Lincoln Crowne very briefly set an early spinnaker to get away from the light breeze off the club, and this pulled them away from the bunch in the start.

Then a further separation out through Humbug before reaching the real breeze in Parramatta River, saw LCC stretch to quite an early lead.

4 times to Goat Island mark and into Kerosene Bay, gusty wind and no practice saw the fleet all struggling through the afternoon: to the extent that there were only 3 boats able to finish.

LCC got a tidy win from Skol second & The Bird in 3rd.

Next week is the opening at Woollahra, with the Harbour Marathon, and the first heat of the club championship at Lane Cove, with again little breeze forecast.

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