LCC takes another 1st place – fastest time!

Lane Cove Saturday 22nd & Sunday Marathon Woollahra 23.09.12

Saturday, Lane Cove, 2nd race of the season, Big-rig S/easterly.

Handicap start, LCC & Gemmell Sails on scratch wait until everyone had gone.

Puffy in the river (as usual, especially in a S/easter) LCC & Gemmell Sails see-sawing for position, Gemmell parked in Humbug & LCC got a big-break: looked like the day was over. But traffic on the long run to Drummoyne fouled LCC, who could not carry spinnaker right through the Cockatoo Island reach, allowed Gemmell Sails to close up.

LCC stretched again on run to Cockatoo Island, & work back to Greenwich, and the final run to Balmain. Again, a cruise ferry crossed LCC, who had to slow the boat, allowing Vantage Real Estate & Gemmell Sails to pass on the run into the river, where all 3 becalmed side-by-side in the unstable air. LCC got the little puffs soonest, and pulled away from the others to take fastest time & the win, with Gemmell Sails being further becalmed & loosing second to Vantage Real Estate

Sunday at Woollahra, for the opening race of the season, the Harbour Marathon.

Forecast 15 knots saw Gemmell Sails again steered by Nick Press, Garde with Jeremy Jones (Richard’s son, 28 years after Richard’s debut in the 12’s), 60 kgs wringing-wet, in the bow.
Garde opted for 3rd rig with the lack of crew weight, Gemmell Sails & LCC went second sail.

Start was evenly placed, work to a mark 200ms upwind, LCC, Gemmell Sails & Garde neck & neck, then 2 sail reach to Fort Denison off the Opera House. LCC reached high toward Bradleys Head, & then set the spinnaker, allowing them to pull down over the top of Gemmell Sails, to lead by a boat length at Fort Denison. Then upwind back out from under Bradleys Head in soft breeze, LCC getting a little height on Gemmell Sails , with Garde underpowered with small rig and dropping back.

From Bradleys head a monster upwind to Manly, 45 minutes on the breeze, LCC just ahead of Gemmell Sails, then a long spinnaker ride back to the finish. Gemmell Sails capsized in a gybe, allowing a comfortable win for LCC, with Garde 3rd.

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