Lincoln Crowne 3rd place in Woollahra

Woollahra South easterly breeze, approx. 17knots

Early on-shore bravado saw some punters taking up the big-rig, but cooler heads prevailed and the whole fleet was all rigged with the second-rig.

The run to the start proved fortuitous, as it was quite fresh. Away clean on the start of the 3 laps, more work up to Rose Bay, Garde showing early pace to burn, pulling out to a comfortable lead over “Lincoln Crowne & Company” followed by “Variety”.

Down the fast and exciting run to Chowder Bay YA mark, used fully powered 2nd sail and was airborne on the chop in the main-channel. “Garde” extended their lead on the run, to lead by 1 minute. At the bottom mark on the work back to Shark Island, with the B-14 (sailing with the 12’s), “The Nude” sailed well to get into 2nd place.

All boats tacked south soon out of Chowder Bay, looking for pressure to the south, the breeze being the very top of the range for the second rig. Around Shark island and the spinnaker set for the Taylor Bay YA mark, the extra horsepower of the 12 rig allowed “Lincoln Crowne” to pass the “Nude” for 2nd place.

“Garde” had enough of a lead that they waited at the bottom mark to pace with “Lincoln Crowne” on the 3rd work, showing superior speed and again pulling away. 2nd time around Rose Bay mark, “Garde” well clear, “Lincoln Crowne”, broke a backstay on the run, slowing them to the Chowder Bay mark, allowing the “Nude” to close again.

Up the final work to Rose bay mark, “Garde” 1st, “Lincoln Crowne”, then “The Nude” then “Variety”.

“Lincoln Crowne”  had 2 capsizes in the spinnaker set (altered rigging in the boat and dill factor in not allowing for this) allowing “Variety” through to take 2nd 12 position behind “Garde”, relegating “Lincoln Crowne” to third.



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