Lincoln Crowne comes in 2nd fastest

Lane Cove Race, Saturday 22nd March, 2014

Lane Cove, Forecast big to 2nd rig, blowing big-rig, after last week everyone opted for big rig.

There was a handicap start, “Lincoln Crowne” off scratch, “Gemmell Sails” on 3 and “Skol” 5 minutes later. These 3 boats were chasing everyone else,  20 seconds to the scratch start “Lincoln Crowne” broke their mainsheet attachment to the boom and  by the time this was tied up that had extended “Gemmell Sails” handicap to 6.75min – too much to catch!

Out of the river the breeze came in fresh making everyone think it might be 2nd rig! The breeze shifted all day, ranging from 2 knots to 10, and varying direction by 45 degrees, making for a trying afternoon.

“Gemmell Sails” put in a good chase all afternoon, reeling in all the handicap boats other than “At Call” who held on for the win.  Just ahead of “Gemmell Sails”, who took fastest time ahead of “Lincoln Crowne” who came in 2nd fastest. This ended a slow day and a long chase. 14 boats started.

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