Lincoln Crowne & Company gets fastest time

Lane Cove Race, Saturday 27th September, 2014

Lane Cove, Forecast big/2nd rig, blowing big-rig Easterly.

Handicap start, Lincoln Crowne & Crowne was off scratch chasing everyone, Dimension Polyant not racing.  Lincoln Crowne & Crowne got a good breeze out of the start and caught up to Skol in Humbug, both beginning the long chase of the fleet and working to the Manns Point windward mark.

Gybing in lanes of pressure down the run to Drummoyne, Lincoln Crowne & Crowne got through Skol in pressure, with a good south-slant to the Drummoyne mark.

Work back to Manns Point, looking for pressure, closing up to the fleet. With further gains made on the gybe run to Valentia Street and then the bottom mark at Specktacle Island

 Last work to Manns Point, Vantage Real Estate was out following a collision with a laser, leaving only The Bird and the Commodore to catch. Passed The Bird in the entry to Humbug (turns out they had 2nd rig on) with the Commodore just too far ahead to catch by the line, giving them handicap.  Lincoln Crowne & Company   had its fastest time.

First Interclub race of the season, the Upper Harbour Championship next Saturday at Lane Cove, with all the fleet still rusty after the winter should be interesting.

 10 boats started.

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