Lincoln Crowne 12 Foot Skiff_Race 1

Lincoln Crowne first place on opening day

Sydney Flying Squadron, Season 2015-16 Opening day, Saturday 10.10.15

Back at the Squadron, 2nd season back, sailing Saturday for the opening day, to integrate with the Historic 18s for the opening day.

Lane Cove Skiff club made today a non-pointscore race to allow the river 12s to come and show 12-footer solidarity at the SFS for the opener.

Beautiful morning, soft breeze, but with the weather like this the feeling was it would build to the forecast 15 knot North easter, most skiffs opting for 2nd rig. As it eventuated, all these skiff made the wrong choice.

North Easterly, start off Clark Island, 2 times to Beashel Buoy then the Gas buoy off Nielsen Park.

11 Starters today, with Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses making the best of a heavily biased line and off in the lead from the pin, Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant having to duck and tack through the line on Port, with Lincoln Crowne in second behind Bigfoot, with Skol (one of the 3 big-rigs) just behind. Working the soft breeze toward Bradleys Head, all tacked away to the east, seeing more pressure in Steele Point, Lincoln Crowne, Sydney Sailmakers and Bigfoot in a tight group, with a 100m margin on the 4th placed Skol. Working all along Nielsen Park, tacking east into small pressure lines out of Watsons bay, Lincoln Crowne furthest east in best pressure but sailing further, saw Sydney Sailmakers first to Beashel Buoy, Lincoln Crowne close behind, then Bigfoot, with a slight gap to Skol then the other 2nd rigs. By now Chapman High Performance Sailing and Madonna (the other 2 big-rigs) were using their horsepower to start to come into the fleet from a slightly late start.

Down the run around the island, the 3 lead boats in a tight group, reaching the Clark Island bottom mark in the same order and still overlapped. At Bradleys Head, Bigfoot dropped off, Lincoln Crowne fell off the breeze, giving Sydney Sailmakers an 80m lead, this time tight tacking up the West shore into Chowder Bay. Here Lincoln Crowne split and went East, with breeze showing in Watsons Bay. Sydney Sailmakers went back into the west, and hung onto the last of the west pressure, while Bigfoot and the others in the west parked up. This saw Lincoln Crowne halve Sydney Sailmakers lead at Beashel Buoy, with Skol also in the east coming into 3rd. Down the square run, this order maintained, with Sydney Sailmakers holding a 50m margin over Lincoln Crowne at the bottom mark for the last time. This order maintained on the final work to Nielsen Park; then, on the run to the finish Sydney Sailmakers capsized, (crew rotation) allowing Lincoln Crowne to take the place, just ahead of Sydney Sailmakers. Bigfoot brought the pressure, allowing them to overtake Skol for 3rd, Skol 4th


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