Lincoln Crowne gets fastest time

Saturday, Lane Cove, Big rig Easterly breeze, Handicap Start

“Lincoln Crowne” had shifted the fleet handicaps out 3 min through the guest skipper Nick Press winning the previous week’s race. Therefore “Lincoln Crowne” was off last, 2 min behind “Gemmell Sails”.

Breeze light, looking a bit uninteresting while rigging, threats of fresher breeze down

harbour had some inclining for 2nd sail, but cooler heads prevailed and all went with big-rig. Shifty out of the river saw some boats eating into their handicap early, with patchy breeze slowing others.

Out through Humbug then up to Manns Point, where the breeze was more into the South, made the run across the moored boats on Greenwich hazardous. “Gemmell Sails” fully inside out and committed to crossing the moored ferry. Patchy down to Drummoyne, which allowed “Lincoln Crowne” to retrieve some of its handicap, coming down in better pressure than the frontrunners.

“Vantage Real Estate” with guest forward hand doing their own thing and sailing the Northeast course not the easterly. “Lincoln Crowne” chasing “Gemmell Sails” on the long work to Manns Point, trying to reel the earlier boats in, and then back to Valentia St and Schnapper Is. The breeze was quite shifty and puffy, making it important to look for pressure and shifts.The earlier boats “Skol” and “the Bird” still holding out their place, with “At Call” having retired with a broken backstay.

Last time to Manns Point then Birchgrove, “Gemmell Sails” set at Manns Point and got carted away from the mark. “Lincoln Crowne” 2-sail reached 100mm before the set, allowing them to reach the mark and close the gap. “Gemmell Sails” and “Skol” gybed north for the river, “Lincoln Crowne” south, following them into Humbug. “Skol” (slightly handicapped with a broken backstay) up the middle in full tide lost to “Gemmell” and “Lincoln Crowne” both of whom passed, then “Lincoln Crowne” passed “Gemmell” as they ran out of breeze.

Racing down the river for the finish, “Lincoln Crowne” and “Gemmell” passing “Madonna”, but not quite picking up “The Bird”. “Lincoln Crowne” fastest time, “Gemmell Sails” second-fastest, “The Bird” 1st handicap and “Lincoln Crowne” 2nd.


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