Race 2 – Lincoln Crowne off to a flying start in second weekend of racing for the season

Lane Cove Race, Saturday 20th September, 2015

2nd day back on the water for season 2015-16
Lane Cove, Handicap start, run-out tide, Easterly course, Forecast big to 2nd rig, indecision in the park, 1/2 opting for big-rig.

Handicap start, Lincoln Crowne, Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses and Dimension Polyant/Sydney Sailmakers off scratch chasing everyone. Lincoln Crowne got the breeze out of the start and lead the other 2 towards Humbug, where Lincoln Crowne missed a shift and Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses and Dimension Polyant/Sydney Sailmakers passed entering Humbug, where all 3 bunched again in the doldrums, Lincoln Crowne getting an easterly puff low to lead to the Valentia St rounding mark heading for Manns Point. These 3 chasing Chapman High Performance Sailing, The Bird and Skol, this group ahead of the scratch bunch by about 10 minutes. Dimension Polyant/Sydney Sailmakers just pulling out on Lincoln Crowne and Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses at the top of the work, but still close for these 3 as they rounded for the run up-river to Drummoyne. Many gybes down between Cockatoo Island and Woolwich, trying to find pressure, Lincoln Crowne just slipping behind 50m in the light, then loosing a few more boat-lengths in the bottom mark rounding.

The long work back to Manns Point, 12s spread on the river between Drummoyne and Manns, all looking for shifts, toward the top mark Dimension Polyant/Sydney Sailmakers and Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses beginning to step out, Lincoln Crowne just dropping out of a few favourable wind-shifts.

Coming down the run from Manns Point, around Valentia Street mark, dropping the spinnakers for the tight reach over Clarkes Point then re-set spinnakers for the run to Spectacle Island, Dimension Polyant/Sydney Sailmakers and Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses passing through nearly all the fleet, with only Slippery When Wet holding them out from scratch place.
The final work back to Manns Point, then tight reach to the Birchgrove “wing” mark, then in to Humbug for the work into the river and the finish at the club. Here the wind deserted Dimension Polyant/Sydney Sailmakers and Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses, allowing Lincoln Crowne to bunch up with them again, before they cleared Humbug, for the run to the finish, both just passing Slippery When Wet on the final run to the finish, for Dimension Polyant/Sydney Sailmakers to take fastest time ahead of Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses, with Lincoln Crowne third on time.

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