Lincoln Crowne takes fastest time!

Lane Cove Race, Saturday 25th October, 2014

Lane Cove, Forecast big-2nd rig, blowing 2nd rig on Sydney Harbour, airless sub-big-rig at Lane Cove, all trepidatious about breeze-change on water: everyone opted for 2nd rig. Alternative Southerly course set due to shipping, Handicap start.

Lincoln Crowne & Company off 2 minutes, and was the last to start chasing the fleet. In this breeze the limit-boats had a big lead. It was a long work for the fleet out of Humbug, around Cockatoo Island then Snapper Island.  A tight run down the gutter between Snapper Island and Drummoyne shore. Lincoln Crowne & Company went down here overlapped with Skol, trading Gybes every 50ms, and swapping right-of-way.

Lincoln Crowne & Company got a shift to the Sourth-west and got a small break on Skol. Hey Charger and Chapman High Performance Sailing rounding almost a lap ahead, with Slippery when Wet retiring with a broken spinnaker pole stay. Further laps in the tricky, confused breeze, these 2 front-runners still well clear in the lead. Lincoln Crowne & Company passed The Bird on the 3rd work, to move into 3rd place, but still a large gap to the front.

Finally back into the river on the work to the finish, with first place going to Chapman High Performance Sailing, 30 metres in front of Hey Charger, and then a further 80 metres to Lincoln Crowne & Company, who took fastest time.

Photos provide by  Vitas Williams






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