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LCC comes 3rd – National Titles 2016


Day 01

Forecast very light, borderline to race.

All rigged in the park, stood around for 2 hours, racing called for the day, unrig and go home.


Day 02

Soft and fluky forecast, big-rig of course.

2 heats, Easterly short-course.

Start off Kurraba Point, fleet away in 10-11 knot easterly, LCC, Sydney Sailmakers, Geotherm into the North, Then all tacking east. The norrthernmost boats gained on left-shifted breeze at Bradleys Head and across to Shark Island. LCC in mid-stream, saw Sydney Sailmakers with sheer-boatspeed in first, with Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses, Geotherm and the 2 new boats, Terms and Conditions and Maersk Lines through in the north. Down the run to the Garden Island bottom mark, then up the work to Shark Island again.

LCC in the shifts in the stream passed Bigfoot, then next tack passed Maersk Lines, then Terms and Conditions and finally Geotherm to round the last mark second, well behind Sydney Sailmakers.

Down the run to the Kurraba Point finish, Geotherm higher pulling into LCC, who ragged the kite through the finish to hold second, ahead of Geotherm, with Bigfoot 4th.

The race committee shifted the second start to the north-east course, moving the fleet to Shark Island for the start. North north-east breeze, 12 knots, fleet away well, Sydney Sailmakers rocketing out of the start just in front of LCC, squeezing Terms and Conditions in to the wake of both. Up towards Nielsen Park Gas Buoy top mark, middle to east, LCC getting punted east by traffic, loosing a few places to round the mark in 5th, behind Sydney sailmakers, Bigfoot, Maersk and Terms and Conditions. Down the run through the island, LCC picked up 3 to approach the bottom mark in 2nd. Here Maersk Lines capsized onto LCC in a gybe-drop mark rounding, capsizing LCC and breaking the spinnaker pole shrouds. LCC regained the race and limped around the rest of the course to finish about 10th. Sydney Sailmakers to an easy win from Bigfoot Custom trapeze Harnesses. LCC protested to request redress and average points for the race.

Day 03

Easterly, rain-squalls and wind, 2nd rig in the rain, with the feeling the breeze would not hold. All rigged for fresh big-sail with this in mind, only Adrienne Cahalan on Panadol, being 58kg, went second.

Easterly short course off Kurraba Point, away to the North into Cremorne Point then the tack east. Again the pace of Sydney Sailmakers pulled them into the lead, tacking back into the north shifts off Bradleys Head. All the boats holding the north lane, with Sydney Sailmakers leading at Shark Island top mark, from Bigfoot, Geotherm, Terms and Conditions, Lincoln Crowne and Company and Maersk Lines.

The run to Garden Island saw the fleet bunch, with 30 seconds between the front 5 boats at the mark. Back to the top, then the long run to the finish, with Sydney Sailmakers first, Bigfoot second.

2nd race, still in the east, but north shifted.

Off to Cremorne Point out of the start, top-end of big-sail, drag-race to Point Piper, then tack to the north to the layline at Shark Island. Sydney Sailmakers around second behind Geotherm, then Bigfoot, with LCC, Cunning Stunts and Maersk Lines rounding together. Down the run LCC got inside Maersk, while CS tore their spinnaker in the gybe and retired. Rounding the bottom mark, Sydney Sailmakers, Geotherm, Terms and Conditions, Bigfoot then Lincoln Crowne.

Up the work the pace of the new boat Maersk got them back ahead of LCC, to drop behind again on a shift. For the last rounding, it was Sydney Sailmakers again comfortably in the lead, the other new boat Terms and Conditions in second, Bigfoot 3rd. Geotherm capsized in the rounding with LCC and Maersk right behind, just avoiding them.

Down the run, Maersk and LCC went deep to avoid Bradleys Head, Maersk getting pressure and pulling them ahead of LCC, both coming into the under-powered Bigfoot, who just held on for 3rd behind Terms and Conditions and Sydney Sailmakers, Maersk Lines 4th and LCC 5th.

Final day, 2 heats scheduled to make up for the lost day on Friday, overcast dying sourth-easter.

Final day, very light, variablle southeast to northeast. Out to easterly startline, postponed and put us in Kuraba Bay for South-east course. Start saw all wanting to go east, resulting in a general recall.

2nd start away clean, again breaking east, with those in gas or buried tacking out into the stream to the South. This looked to pay as they made the south slant of breeze first, with Bigfoot Cutom Trapeze Harnesses leading the fleet toward Point Piper rounding mark. Those to the east included Lincoln Crowne and Company leading Sydney Sailmakers.

Halfway across the breeze softened and went left, so the east fleet picked up. Southern bunch tacked across, east lot went for the rounding layline, seeing Terms and Conditions round first just in front of Lincoln Crowne and Company. Run down to Taylor bay, these 2 with a gap to those following, lead by Geotherm and Sydney Sailmakers.

A Manly Ferry split the fleet, allowing those across to get a bigger margin. LCC soaked deep into Taylor Bay, getting inside Terms and Conditions to round the mark 1st.

Work up to Rose Bay, Terms and Conditions using their superior speed to get in front of LCC.

Tacks in the shifts up into Rose Bay saw Sydney Sailmakers come into the bunch, Terms and Conditions around first just ahead of LCC with Sydney Sailmakers just behind. The run back to Taylor Bay saw split gybes, and 3 crosses, LCC getting inside Terms and Conditions on the drop to round second behind Sydney Sailmakers. Up the work back to Rose Bay, LCC tacked into a lift off Shark Is. and took the lead back off Sydney Sailmakers, holding this through several more tacks to lead at the last mark by 80m.

The run to the finish down past Point Piper saw LCC suck up in no pressure under the point, with Sydney Sailmakers getting the pressure to pull them deep to Bradleys Head, giving them the win, with LCC 2nd and Terms and Conditions dropped back to a distant 3rd.

Overall this gave Sydney Sailmakers the regatta win with a perfect score, Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses 2nd and Lincoln Crowne and Company 3rd.


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