Race 3 Lane Cove 12ft Skiff Club

26th September 2015, Lane Cove

Race 3 of the season at Lane Cove 12ft Skiff Club started on a scratch start without a hitch. With a strong Southerly forecasted and plenty of cold gusts hitting during rigging up nearly all of the fleet opted for their 2nd rigs. After a clean start to the South Course, with about 10 kts of wind, the fleet quickly spilt into two groups by the 1st mark at Woodford Bay. It was then a battle to get to the wind first with the boats that went wide along the river coming to the fore. The famous “Humbug” was feeling kind so let most through without incident. With an incoming tide against the fleet up to the top mark at Goat Island, Big foot Custom Trapeze Harnesses (Murray Press and Charlie Gundy) were leading the pack. The breeze started to kick in to about 15kts gusting 20kts which lead to some interesting rides downhill, with quite a few crews confirming that the water is still very cool this time of year.

One of these swimmers being Big foot Custom Trapeze Harnesses which put them back to third position, allowing the chasing pair of Lincoln Crowne (Jonathan Temple and Richard Jones) and Sydney Sail Makers/Dimension Polyant (Nick Press and Jeremy Jones) to overtake them into first and second, a tussle for first they continued for the rest of the race, swapping positions as shifts and pressure allowed one or the other the advantage. Lincoln Crowne were back into the lead around Humbug in the run into the river to the finish, looking to give them the win, before they relinquished this to Sydney Sail Makers/Dimension Polyant on then way to the line, leaving Lincoln Crowne in second.

All proved academic after the event for Lincoln Crowne, as a Laser put in a protest against Lincoln Crowne an insignificant incident unrelated to the outcome of either the 12 or Laser fleet, so Lincoln Crowne later withdrew from the race.




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