Racing 2nd February – Club Championship Lane Cove

Cold & blustery Southerly, ranging from 18 to 28 knots- the quiet moments lulled some of the punters into second rig. This came back to bite them – as the fleet tried to work into the Parramatta River the conditions were such that the only 2 boats standing were Gemmell Sails & Lincoln Crowne & Company, who proceeded up river along Drummoyne in that order. LCC found itself nailed in the narrow water-way, traffic & strong wind-gust, leading to 2 capsizes in quick succession, allowing Gemmell Sails to advance to a seemingly un-pursuable lead. So the race proceeded like this, Gemmell Sails 3-4 min. in front of LCC who were 7 to 9 minutes in front of the 3rd boat. Then Gemmell Swam, & LCC started to come back. Bunched together in the last strong wind section back into Valentia St for the last work, LCC trailing Gemmell by 20 secs now, like this all the way to the finish. Gemmell Sails capsized 1 min short of the finish, looked as though the lead might change, but they recovered to block the way & hold on to win by 2 seconds. The second rig boats limping in, and some towed home, with tattered sails a while later.

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