Skol gets fastest time for the day!

It was a Handicap start for Lincoln Crowne & Company and Dimension Polyant off scratch chasing everyone.  Lincoln Crowne & Company got the breeze out of the start and lead Dimension Polyant to Humbug, where Lincoln Crowne & Company missed a shift and Dimension Polyant passed in Humbug, ahead of Lincoln Crowne & Company and beginning the long chase of the fleet, working to the Goat Island mark.

On the work to Goat Island Lincoln Crowne & Company tacked short to Greenwich, leaving Dimension Polyant short of pressure and opening a gap. Like this at Goat Island rounding for the run to Kerosene Bay mark. It was like this for 3 laps, with the margin between Lincoln Crowne & Company  and Dimension Polyant  elastic, but on average 200m apart (Lincoln Crowne & Company assisted with Dimension Polyant  having a few teething troubles).

However, neither skiff making much dent on the handicap boats, which got onto the race track in better breeze and moved out in the initial stage to hold their handicap time. This was the way it resolved back into the river to the finish, Lincoln Crowne & Company just in front of Dimension Polyant, both just outside the time-margin Skol started with, leaving Skol with fastest time for the day.

10 boats started.

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