Sydney Flying Squadron, Sprint Heats

North Easter, following a southerly, forecast to North-east, cborderline 2nd rig, light, 3 boats Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant, Geotherm and Lincoln Crowne opt for up-range big-rig. Intention to have 2 of 2 lap windward return courses between the Taylor Bay and Eastern Channel YA mark, threading in between the 4th heat of the 18’ skiff State titles and their spectators.

Off for heat 1, all 3 out of Taylor Bay on port, all the way across the tide into the eastern pressure, very even.

Geotherm first to break step, staying centre, Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant and Lincoln Crowne going harder east and loosing out. Lincoln Crowne fumbled 3 tacks in a row and dropped out of the front-row. Down the square run to Taylor Bay, Geothermal with a good lead to Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant and Lincoln Crowne, like this for the second work, and so the run to the finish.

Start of Heat 2 on port, long fetch all the way to Watsons Bay, in the north-shifted breeze, not a struck match between the boatspeed of all 3 in the very up-range big-rig pressure (15 knots) In the 4 tacks in the strange shifts at the top mark, Lincoln Crowne lost out again, left 70m behind by the other 2, with Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant just getting inside at the mark rounding ahead of Geotherm. Lincoln Crowne then came storming down the square run with pressure, closed into the front pair at the bottom mark, where the race re-started for the second work. Back into the east, breeze eased for this work, Geotherm again getting away by staying slightly west, but Sydney Sailmakers/Dimension Polyant passing them again at the top mark, to lead down the run to the finish. Lincoln Crowne down the run overlapping Geothermal, breeze going west required kites to come off for 2 sail to the finish. Lincoln Crowne held the kite longer, making the 2-sail tighter, getting a better angle and pulling ahead.

Last 80 m breeze softened, Geotherm re-set spinnaker and got ahead of Lincoln Crowne by 1/2 a boat length at the mark.

Next week the start of the state titles, 3 heats next weekend at SFS, then the following week at Lane Cove.

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