Sydney Flying Squardon

North easterly forecast pitching the breeze between 2nd and 3rd rig with run in tide (so supposed to be smooth water). All the boats opted for the 3rd rig, which was fortunate as a solid 22 knot gusting 25 classic North-easterly eventuated.

The start was off  from Clarke Island, breeze very North shifted, so very fluky and shifty under Bradleys Head for the 1st work.  Lincoln Crowne & Company, Skol and TBA absolutely glued together for the first half of the work, playing the Western shore into Taylor Bay and Chowder Bay, looking for flat water and relief from the run-in tide. All the boats are fully powered and flying upwind.

Lincoln Crowne & Company and Skol were neck and neck at Beashel Buoy for the first run, Lincoln Crowne & Company just in front. TBA had a mishap on the run, losing both the sheets and the tack-line from the spinnaker, forcing them to retire. Skol and Lincoln Crowne & Company 50 mts apart at the Clark Island bottom mark, wind fresher now, well into the 20s, another good work trading tacks. Halfway up the work crew of Lincoln Crowne & Company they heard a loud bang, couldn’t see any damage, but started to loose height on Skol.

At the next tack Lincoln Crowne & Company was now 50m behind Skol, who went to round the wrong YA buoy, mistaking it for Beashel Buoy. By the time this was clear to them Lincoln Crowne & Company were back in the front, leading by a small margin around the mark.

On the square run the wave action allowed Lincoln Crowne & Company to open out a larger gap, which was lost when they mis-judged the lay-line to the bottom mark, having to drop their spinnaker early, and leaving Lincoln Crowne & Company again with only a 50m lead on Skol.

On the final work, Skol capsized in a tack, giving Lincoln Crowne & Company a comfortable gap for the last wild ride down to the finish, in amongst the 18s also coming to their finish, with Skol 2nd and Citadel 3rd.

A great day

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