Third race not a charm for 12FT

LCC stepped out for the third race of the 2011-12 season at Lane Cove with a big-rig, East-South-Easterly breeze.
With a handicap start, LCC sailed off with ‘Dimension Polyant’ and ‘Gemmell Sails’ on scratch, chasing the fleet. It was a tight race for the trio out of the Lane Cove River. At Humbug (at the mouth of the river), LCC missed a tack and fell back, requiring a catch-up for the next portion.
Down the short-gybing section along the Drummoyne shore to the Tarban Creek bottom mark, LCC regained ‘Gemmell Sails’ and tussled with them, with ‘Dimension Polyant’ having cleared out to a 200m lead. The boats spent the rest of the race swapping for 2nd fastest position behind ‘Dimension Polyant’ until the run to the finish when the bottom stay on LCC’s spinnaker pole broke, requiring the crew to back off to save the pole, allowing ‘Gemmell Sails’ and ‘Skol’ to clear out.
Realising they had rounded a mark the wrong way during the race, LCC pulled up short of the finish, forced to unfortunately withdraw from the race.

Better luck next week gents!

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