Woollahra 12’ skiff Race report Sunday 05.02.12

Presented with a beautiful day, slowly building East- North-East breeze, 6 starters, the fleet all opted to rig for the forecast and selected #2 rigs

Short-course racing to be the days format, 2 races, 2 laps to the Nielsen Park gas buoy.

Race 1 Garde leeward end of the line, blasted away from the fleet, with recent Interdominion winning crew Andrew Stevenson as guest forward hand. LCC managed to misunderstand the starting instructions so was well buried in the mixed fleet. On the long starboard beat to Steele Point LCC slowly came back into it, trailing Geotherm through some heavy chop that bounced the forward hand from trapeze, plummeting him (and the boat) into the water- gone in less than 60 seconds!

LCC rounded the gas buoy right on Garde’s tail, and split down the run, coming into the bottom just too hot to cross, rounding again behind. D-Unit went into a nosedive with so much velocity that their top spreader exploded, (forcing them to limp around the rest of the course and to retire from the 2nd race). LCC passed Garde on the work to lead by 20m at the top mark for the run home. LCC carted into Shark Is. with the spinnaker, Garde worked well to carry the spinnaker over Shark Is to regain a lead of 1 boat-length. Like this to the finish, both skiffs having to drop the spinnakers to get up to the finish, LCC able to roll over Garde in this manouvre and take the win by a boat length, with D-unit limping home in 3rd.

2nd heat, slightly fresher breeze, fleet reduced by the loss of D-unit, very even start, again Garde away the best, LCC sailed to Steele Point on their transom. LCC tacked East to clear air, Garde carried on North, came together at the Gas Buoy Garde 1 boat-length ahead-down the 1st run like this, with Garde still 1 length ahead at the bottom mark.
On the work, with the breeze fresher, LCC gained a 3 length lead on Garde- the rest of the fleet well back by this time. LCC rounded the Gas buoy for the run to the finish with a 4 length lead, again carted away below Shark Is, allowing Garde to come back. Both skiffs dropped the spinnakers to get up to the finish, a 2 sail drag race, overlapped to the line, LCC just pulling ahead at the end, with Geotherm in 3rd.

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